Friday, 31 August 2012

a friend by my side

welcome avocado, you have sat drying in the sun for a few days and today was the day you start on your trip. 

Iza (yes she gets a capital) was so excited to see you sitting in water and watched you 'grow' for about 20 minutes before giving up for lack of action. 

but you will see me grow, i am determined to learn how to do a fancy animation as you grow, i did not photograph my children with such dedication but i shall with you.

i am wondering the practicalities of toting you around to take your picture in random/amazing places garden gnomes have done it why not you? 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

when to start

wednesday, the hump day.

many lists have been made, photos taken, projects done, food baked
but here are the first words in a what i hope will be a long trip with old friends and new

some things you should know 

i clearly don't like capitals, they slow me down and you know what i mean without them.  don't be offended i really do write like this all the time (it is a little residue of being a cafe girl for such a long time)

i love lists, i carry books with my lists in them, i have shelves of these books.  some are for keeps and some get ripped up when completed, i love the power of the list to remind you that you are moving forward or that you need to.

i am astounded daily about the beautiful things people make by hand or with computer magic which i don't understand.  hopefully one day soon you will find some of my own pieces of goodness in a shop.

i need more pot plants, but i will not hold you up with one of my lists.