Wednesday, 20 February 2013

small but big..

1001 page views 

yip skip

now i realize in the grand scheme of the blogging world this is minor, less than minor, but i am sure all the lovely people who have popped in would not mind me thanking them for being a part of this milestone.  so thank you. yip skip ,yip skip.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

where oh where and home headlines....

where oh where have i been, well all my pitters have been so unwell. there has been no making, no photos just snuggles and chicken noodle soup.  we are through it now.
now to home pictures just news and your imagination.
giraffe drowns in wee tea
backpack ownership new right of passage
stair tumble leaves mother neurotic
all strawberries designated for birthday use only
boy distressed by cheese slice
rouge mouse dies alone
boy 22months conquers potty
record 3 bottle breaks in 6 days
windy days stir up trouble
glitter smuggling results in bedroom disaster

Friday, 8 February 2013

little insight

when mr pitter is off at work we sit around and feast.  i love sharing platters with the little pitters and there is nothing much better than mini pancakes, fresh strawberries and syrup for dunking. 

you may wonder am i super woman cooking pancakes for breakfast with 2 little pitters pulling on my robe, alas no, i am just sneaky.  my 2nd biggest make it easy secret.......i cook them in the sandwich press.  cooking both sides at once, no burning, constant attention or fiddling required.  my caramelised french toast, corn fritters and potato medallions also get this treatment.

do try this little sneak, you will fill your morning with wonder and pancakes.