Thursday 13 June 2013

reminders on a string

tidying is never ending it would seem but occasionally you find a gem, this 'to do' string must be at least 15 year old, from another life it would seem, the one where i made/had the time to doodle.

there are a more than a few common sayings floating around but they always ring true, a life time ago and today

they are

love and enjoy that you can
find a team
(the tick)
one of those creatures they describe as awkward on land
don't say it
grow your seeds
don't carry what is not yours
what i should do and what i will do are the same thing
some people dream, some people do
get there any way
guide to the best life (five stars apparently)
grow with friends together

they are

ask again
know what is right
don't say it again
grow your seeds
the airport check
should and will....
kill the monster while it is small
few do both
this way    get there
if i always do what i have always done............
hugs, kisses, warmth, comfort

it is nice to feel like i have come along way and practice many of these things without the reminder these days.......but yes a few still need work.......time to cut the string shorter

Sunday 2 June 2013

excuse my keeping house..

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just doing the bloglovin thing. enjoy my happy list

Thursday 30 May 2013

it is a wrap....trimming it again

i had the idea for these brewing and pieces languishing in basket for months, nothing like a deadline to give you a push.  i needed that push and i am so pleased with the result.  many thanks for these amazing pictures go to my lovely and uber talented friend susan.

here is where we started, originally i had not planned on using the green fan flowers (it is fair to say i love a neutral and muted colour pallet) but miss pitter can carry off any colour so it was back in the mix and allowed me enough fabric to squeak out two bands of colour on each scarf.  the blue tulipish pattern was a much lighter cotton and was whipped into tags, as everything is much better with a tag.

my trimming pieces along with crochet panels of alpaca, cotton and thick linen have been pulled together to make a family of loop scarves.  the wool is reassuringly wintery smelling and the cotton backing means no crys of itchyness from the littles.  the linen was destashed from my mother on a recent trip and is thick and soft. for all outings these will be a go to for most of the year and i am hoping to have these in use for many years yet.

voting opens on the pinterest board on the 1st of june and runs until the 5th, do check it out and give your favourite a repin. i highly recommend looking over the past years at some amazing work.  this has been another challenge i am so glad to have joined, i have such lovely things from it and will find more amazing crafters no doubt.

 and this is me enney pitter......hi (many of you will know the rare feeling of a photo of yourself you like....this is one for me)

Monday 27 May 2013

trimming it

well all these little bits have come together for a car park/construction/street map inspired play mat.

n.b. always park your giraffe thoughtfully.  i really like the open ended play a simple mat like this provides, aside from the car/animal farm combination it has been a local map for outings and piled high with block for city building and pulled up over a chilly lap and investigated.  and so much nicer left laying out on the floor than some cartoony, busy riot of colour plastic shop bought thing (rant over)

this mat came together simply in a few hours and would be a great project for a beginner sewist or if you needed to whip up  a quick baby shower or first birthday gift.  in saying that it is the 3 year old miss pitter playing away in the photos (without the normal promoting and/or bribing required) she happily pottered away for over an hour. win/win.

i began with this lofty brush cotton drill (i think it would be equally pleasing on a piece of denim).  my piece is 28 inches by 25 inches and seems about prefect for play and folded for transporting.

after squaring up my trimming pieces i played with the layout taking photos with my camera phone so i could look over them and pick out a favourite.

i then pinned, trimmed and stitched, 

if you were a beginner or perfectionist you could fuse your materials in place

 stitch the cotton tape first then a zigzag around your trimmings fabrics.

then bind , i could not help myself mixing up the black binding with some royal blue and white. i had to have white, as my adult self had to provide clear points of entry onto the mat and there had to be two to minimise the chance of disputes.

(if anyone would like a more complete tutorial let me know in the comments and i'll get to it)

and in the end this is what is left on the table....i am very happy and the mat is an everyday play item already, chocolate stained and fought over.

well and truly trimmed i would say!

if you have got this far and would like to vote for your favourite trimmings project (wink, wink), the voting is conducted via pinterest follow this link to pin your favourite/s between the 1st and 5th of June.

Saturday 27 April 2013

warm and clothes week

with a few delays and absent days i have caught up on my commited hours to make a jacket each for master and miss pitter from more of those old woollen blankets.  after recently being inspired by the lovely Wendy from small forest shop i finally took the plunge into sewing with blankets i have had stockpiled for the past six months.

what can i say...i feared for my fingers almost every stitch and was ultimately surprised my efforts only resulted in one broken sewing machine needle and a few machine alarms.  the overlocker pulled through unscathed even when asked to do its thing with 4 layers of blanket sandwich!

this is one of the first things i have sewn for master pitter, which considering he recently turned 2 is probably lax of me but the new jacket has had to be photographed stains and all as he has been so proud and possessive since i told him it was was very good for my moral and likely to spurn more boy sewing!

this is a from a pattern i drafted a couple of years ago and have made in a bundle of different fabrics, i find the cropped sleeve and waist work well for offering some warmth or sun coverage during busy play.  my generosity with sizing means both jacket should see at least 3 years wear which is part of the reason i was so happy to finish miss pitters jacket with some of my late nans floral embellishments.

i was think this might be a good first pattern release for me...i will work away during the winter, let me know if your keen to whip one up yourself.

now i will have to ignore the new fabric on my table and go back to my list

Tuesday 23 April 2013

3 in the hand...a quick sew

it was very late in the night before the house settled and i could pay some attention to the pile of good intentions i had for the kids clothes week.  in the end i decided to start at the end with something simple to get back in the zone and not tax myself more than necessary. 

i managed to pop together 3 winter collars for the little pitters, two for miss and one for the master.  a lovely old woollen blanket, a few vintage cottons, and a few tidbits from the depths of the draws pulled together nicely i think.

for the little pitters i have found this style works well, it sits straight against the back of the neck and around the ears but rolls nicely over the collar bone and cheeks at the front

and just as well we are still burdened with easter chocolate to pay for the required modelling services.

i was considering making my pattern up as a pattern tutorial if there was any interest do let me know.

Sunday 21 April 2013

preparing to rug clothing week

we have jumped from a balmy and comfortable autumn headlong into ''where are my sock, those big thick socks''.

so this round of kids clothing week is all about lovely soft, cuddley and warm layers to wear when we are stuck inside this coming winter. not especailly pinworthy i am sure but i will be happy to cuddle and pat the wearers for warmth.

i have had the oliver + s sailboat pattern for about 2 years and am finally breaking it out.  after reading thought the insructions as a late night pleasure i am at a loss why i have not made the top earlier.  i will be hitting my vintage flannel sheet stash for two tops. a hopeful two tops for miss pitter.

i am also planning to successfully convert my 20 minutes pants pattern into a size 2 and 3 for the little pitters.  with the plan being i can make some heavy cord, denim and brushed cotton pants without to much bulk at the waist. two pairs for each, mmmmmm!

if all goes well who know where the mood will take me....

if things go swimmingly then you might see some woollen coats and collars to fend off the bitingly cold breeze.....drawings tomorrow for anyone who wants to see pants magic planning..