Monday, 10 September 2012

a morish monday

i am beginning at the end today with cake, no fancy names cake, no fancy ingredients cake.  i am hoping that all good days start with cake for breakfast, this one should be stupendous (read as i ate a jolly big slice.)  must do some visiting otherwise it will be cake for breakfast all week.

whole orange cake

200 gm of soften butter 
200 gm of caster sugar
add and mix
3 eggs (all at once, i did and it was perfectly fine, but do them one by one if you are inclined)
pureed pulp of 1 and half whole oranges
fold in
300 g self raising flour
150 g frozen cranberries (raspberries would be equally excellent)

pour batter into a lined 22 cm tin and bake at 160 degrees c for an hour or so or until a skewer come out clean

when cake is still warm in the tin poke lots of holes with said skewer and pour over a simple sugar syrup, i made mine like so...
1/2 a pureed orange (you could use juice but i like the texture and look the whole fruit gives)
1/2 c caster sugar
1/4 c of water
heat until bubbling quietly and let thicken until you get a normal syrup like thickness, easy.

let your cake cool for a little then carefully transfer to a wire rack, i say carefully and mean it this is a moist (breaky, denty) cake.

now as soon as i get over the disappointment of man being to tired to enjoy everything that went before cake i will load up those recipes for you to

it was 
harrisaish rubbed lamb with jammy onions
spiced chickpeas and spinach
roasted sweet potato and potatoes
shredded lettuce with coconut dressing
carrot salad

1 lone chickpea was eaten by man, am i to be the only one who loves chickpeas in the house?
and thank you for waiting so nicely for this next post, i have been feeling like the littles will still have running noses when they are 21.


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