Friday, 19 October 2012

faithful rabbit gets a bed

we were dressed and out of foot early today, I wanted to make it down to our community shop for opening (that is 10 am and I was pleased we were out of the house by then.)

i had spied this the night prior and even pulled in to check the price, a winning $5 and at half price month $2.50!!! i was more than pleased to part with my pocket money and tote it home on the stroller.

it is rather charming........dust, cobwebs, rough paint, stained mattress and all.  someone has made this out in the shed with love for some other little girl most likely and now it is our turn to enjoy it.

it has had swinging and singing and all manner of mattress testers already.  it has ample room for top and tailing too.

so after we return from a family trip this has jumped right up the front of the to do list.

firstly a not so little clean, a light sand and i am planning to...... 

hand stamp a basket pattern onto the main bassinet in a dusty grey
replace the cross support timbers
make a new mattress, pillow and linens
make little fabric end covers to hide those nut and bolts, hold a story book and protect fingers

i am wondering if i am a little too excited about off to choose a bundle of fabrics

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