Sunday, 3 March 2013

the fabric swap is under way

maze and vale fabric sample pack

maze and vale fabric sample pack
today was the big day.... hand printed fabric swap group announcement, i was pretty excited, kids at christmas excited really and after bustling though an assortment of homely duties i popped inside to see the email from Leslie in my box, did i rush  i made a simple lunch of ham and cheese toasties and chocolate milkshake and sat down ready to really enjoy the moment.

what i was not ready for was the first name on the list.....Leslie herself, if i were still capable of flipping and cartwheeling (i feel i should be able to cartwheel but think that nobody needs to see it) it would of happened then.  no i just sat there smiling myself silly.  i do feel like a little bit of a Leslie Keating/maze and vale stalker and will be happy to finally meet her in person at the next finders keepers market in melbourne.

now looking at the rest of my swap buddies is no less intimidating (oh how i have to brush up my blogging skill set) here are there links and few things i found that i love from each of them

Krista from Spotted Stones. Krista has whipped up these, i just bought the pattern last week and can't wait to get onto them.  she can do this in an hour, i am in awe and have yet another pattern to buy and she is from what i can see something of a quilting goddess.

Kylie of Paravent. oh this is what she did today, i am definitely going to do some practicing. She also made herself this t, i love the stunning colour and hope i can mix up something like it for my prints. and last but not least i am cheered by the fact that i am not the only one who has to commit to finishing things off

Sarah from SarahWaterhouse.  i am more than a little smitten with her fabric bundles and it makes me more excited that i have a fat quarter whinging its way to me and her waves, oh the waves have me all at sea.  Sarah also has some great straight forward how its done posts on her blog here and here for me just starting out i am thankful for creatives who share so openly.

and of course 

Leslie herself of maze and vale, i picked up a couple of sample packs (pictured above) a week or so ago  (follow maze and vale here to keep up to date when these pop up into the shop, they go fast) and pop over  to her shop to pick up some fabric and one of her dropcloth artworks


  1. I agree, our swap group is pretty fantastic and I'm a bit intimidated! But it's also a good push to make sure I do something REALLY good. This is so much fun!

    1. yes fun indeed this little challenge has me smiling every time i work on it. i am so excited for Mick the postman to come, must dash off to get my envelopes.....


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