Sunday, 21 April 2013

preparing to rug clothing week

we have jumped from a balmy and comfortable autumn headlong into ''where are my sock, those big thick socks''.

so this round of kids clothing week is all about lovely soft, cuddley and warm layers to wear when we are stuck inside this coming winter. not especailly pinworthy i am sure but i will be happy to cuddle and pat the wearers for warmth.

i have had the oliver + s sailboat pattern for about 2 years and am finally breaking it out.  after reading thought the insructions as a late night pleasure i am at a loss why i have not made the top earlier.  i will be hitting my vintage flannel sheet stash for two tops. a hopeful two tops for miss pitter.

i am also planning to successfully convert my 20 minutes pants pattern into a size 2 and 3 for the little pitters.  with the plan being i can make some heavy cord, denim and brushed cotton pants without to much bulk at the waist. two pairs for each, mmmmmm!

if all goes well who know where the mood will take me....

if things go swimmingly then you might see some woollen coats and collars to fend off the bitingly cold breeze.....drawings tomorrow for anyone who wants to see pants magic planning..

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