Friday, 28 September 2012

the busy kind of quiet

i am in the middle of a messy break-up, it is not the mister, he stays.

you get this nice picture of crochet perle cotton not the reality tumbling to the floor

my finishing pile on the other hand, we are over, kaput, done, finished.  now it has not been all bad, for the last couple of years it has all worked itself out.  but i have found that as i do more, putting things aside even nicely bundled with patterns, notes and notions very soon turns into a mountain. 
mountains are big, you notice them, when they get to big they fall.  

it fell.

now i have never felt the pull to do any crazy big mountain climbing (hikes and huts with pot belly stoves yes, k2 no) but now i am beginning to understand the joy of sitting on the summit, except my summit is a slowly appearing desk top.  yes break ups are draining and do take some time to sort out.

no longer will i put things aside for want of changing my thread colour (now with a needle threader on my new machine this is a little habit of old)
no longer will i will i build a punishing ironing pile (the iron and i are not friends, never have been, never will be)
no longer will i keep obsolete muslins
no longer will i bundle scraps and trimming, big or small all together
no longer will i buy supplies i am not entirely smitten with (less than perfect supplies leads to project ambivalence and my supply of especially ugly 'muslin' fabric is fairly sufficient now)

and the big one

no longer will i start new before old is ready for the store or in use (ohh my i am feeling the weight of saying that out load, i might just have to make myself a motivational poster) (this i will clarify does not mean i will not buy supplies, that is another relationship all together)

now be brave go and climb your finishing mountain....

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  1. I love the IDEA of finishing what you start - good luck with that. I mean it :)


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