Friday, 21 September 2012

when one should be doing other things......

hanging washing
preparing for a short trip
and even the ironing

having a late and peaceful lunch won out......

n.b.    i lie there was tuneless singing from both littles, claims of spiders, requests for showers, the delamination of a board book, the removal of all bedding, a yodeling spar and bare bottoms.
but seeing as this was a huge improvement on the morning i tried to keep taking deep breaths and endeavoured to be entertained by the inventiveness of a 1 and 2 year old

bacon and cashew pasta

just plucked parsley
eye bacon
salted cashews
celery (or the more sweetly named 'salad rainbows' in our home)
spanish onion
whole egg mayonnaise with dill and pickles
cracked pepper
pasta (spaghetti is my preference but you go with what you have)

i don't think any more instruction is needed, decide what you have and like, put it together and enjoy it.

and for drinkies, gin and tonic lets be real, it is creaming soda with homemade vanilla syrup (another time we will do a syrup walk through)

in short i not only deserved, but needed this lunch, may it give me the strength to see out the day without crumbling.

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