Saturday, 13 October 2012

3 days in review in no particular order....

plans have changed for my sunki dress, i did have a cotton picked out for this, but it was more a default choice and after nipping into a local store for interfacing for my o+s pattern making plans i spied this print and could not pass it by.  it is a little heavier weight (i was concerned the other fabric was rather sheer) and i have decided to add the contrast pocket detail which i have seen so often and loved. for the pocket i have olive linen to offset the peachy roses

a little outing yielded a large bead necklace from our local community store and only a single dollar for these wooden beads in faded blue.
then arriving home the postbox offering up the latest (and 50th) issue of frankie magazine and two hundred little wooden beads.

now i am saving my frankie for the impending air travel with the littles in the hope they are the definition of sweetness and i get to enjoy it whilst travelling.  of course the back up plan is after a cup of tea to calm my nerves at our destination the littles will be so covered in family love i will sneak off unnoticed into a corner and get my fill.  either way works.

now in no way i am claiming a heap of sewing cred for this, but it is kids clothing week challenge and miss little will be adding this to her robe.
the t was under three dollars on sale and i have doily flooding out of boxes, i simple put the two together and topped it off with a coconut button.  

now this was a little more involved and yes a doily was harmed in the making of what is i am told miss littles aeroplane dress (little does she know she will likely be traveling in p.j's most likely).  the body is made from more japanese lawn and cut from the pattern of my peasant top.  the doily butterfly sleeves slot into the standard sleeve position. it is sweet and floaty and will likely have a little freshwater pearl and wooden bead necklace, but not just yet.

so the sewing for this week did come to a little halt whilst i picked up and completed a couple of quick commission jobs and prepared for our local market today.  it was sodden underfoot but the warm and friendly nature of a country community left me with a little post market glow which will now hopefully turn into a post market nap.

back to the machine tomorrow for a big finish!!!! (no promises though)

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