Tuesday, 9 October 2012

kcwc day 2 alarm bells should have rung....

so let me say day two of the kcwc was not so kind to me.  

here was me having a chuckle at megs comments "Have patience with yourself!" humbug i thought yesterday was easy so when both the littles disappeared to bed at the same time again i pushed through the household to do list, ate lunch in peace and then i found out i had been tricked into thinking i would get to enjoy some daytime sewing

i measured up and found myself wanting for another 2 inches of fabric
alarm bells should have rung, i should have stopped,
i pressed and stitched two seams, they were wrong
alarm bells should have rung, i should have stopped, 
little stood at her door listing her woes 
alarm bells should have rung, i should have stopped,
it went on in this vain and every time i doubted i thought of the discarded projects i finally worked through and was certain if i set this aside it would be haunting me for years.

i finally finished and now can't even decide if i even like it

 it is a japanese lawn and tulle skirt with a paperbag waist to make up those missing inches

 there are ribbon roses sewn onto both the layers of tulle so some have a peek-a-boo quality and i also added little seam cover tags at the base of the seams in the tulle layers

tomorrow i have decided to just go back and make master little a few pairs of pants, my own pattern nothing fancy, then move on to my oliver+s and figgy's patterns. 

and if anyone has any tips for sewing with tulle do let me know or link up in the comments, i have a whole new respect for anyone who masters the tulle or any bridal fabric for that matter

p.s. things did improve dinner was superb, crumbed fish, chunky wedges, cos lettuce with soft boiled eggs and homemade aioli.  i will release my recipes upon the world at a later date.

p.p.s. if anyone is wondering i am sewing in australia so we are soon to be baking in a hot dry summer hence the light fabrics

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