Friday, 5 October 2012

potatoes with every dinner

there was lateness and hurrying tonight to feed the bigs, littles were happy with there lot of pasta and sauce.  after pinching, screaming and tantrums all afternoon were in bed asleep by 5.15 pm....amazing never likely to happen again.

but all that commotion had drained me and i had not organised dinner, where to start, these fine fellas and a sandwich grill.....

peeled, sliced, par steamed and then a slosh of oil and seasoning into the sandwich press for some crunchy floury potato goodness

the sandwich press sees lots of working in our home i'll share more later

they were only a side, but a mighty side

potatoes were seasoned with paprika, cumin, ground sage (so so under rated) and crushed garlic

salad was a fine mix of spinach and mixed leaves, chicken, bacon, soft boiled egg, feta and cashews with aioli dressing

good for the soul not so much for the rear

p.s. yes huge portion
p.p.s it did defeat me - i thought about going slowly and eating through it but just could not be done
p.p.p.s excellent lunch tomorrow then

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