Saturday, 6 October 2012

kids clothing week challenge....the need to sew

all is ready for my second turn of kids clothing week challenge hosted by elise marley, i sure do sew but not nearly enough for my own littles....

now i am working in the opposite season but no fear it is not a competition just a commitment (may the littles all go to bed on time and may we be germ and croup free for these 7 days at least)

here is what i have on the list.....clearly master little is missing out (i will try for a few beach shorts)

now there is a community pinboard and my own pinterest board if you want a little more inspiration


  1. I LOVE the last combination and I am extremely curious about what you are going to make with the ones without patterns - can't wait!

  2. You will get to see soon...but the plan is a peasant top with circle detail for the top blue and neon check. the tulle and lemon, pearls and rosebuds is will be twirl worthy skirt and the cornflowerish cotton will be the sunki dress by figgy's although i am still considering adding the contrast pocket detail.


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