Monday, 26 November 2012

i am so flattered

....that you are still popping by. post holiday writing should return shortly. to tell the truth i am just tired from the travelling still. i did think that coming home to 3 weeks of pinterest and my reader would give me a boost but it felt like more of a chore to read through 500 sum posts, some did not make the cut. i have found a few new blog loves, some friends i would like to have and some fun things to do but all after the local summer markets are said and done in January.

and getting my online shop open just seems a little silly now, it will happen after a few more sleeps and a few more french knots are complete.

but the sunshine is coming to be sure i did return with a lovely stash (32 kg of fabric and notions) but want to be ready to enjoy it rather than just set to work.


christmas is coming, hubby says i have to wait until it is december to get decorating.

i understand last year the tree did not get packed away until easter. i love, love, love having a tree inside even it is plastic, the real ones bring me out in welts if i so much brush past and to tell the truth the scent makes me think of the toilet blocks at primary school.

but things will be made, a wreath, a few new decorations, a cake sans mixed peel, cherries and sultanas (i.e. cranberries and currants in the spice batter).  other than that i have no big feast planned yet - that list will come, i have ideas of lunching on ham and bread, simple and good.

enough for today i hope this found you all well and if it left you a little deflatedi am sorry - just think about what 32 kg of fabric and lovelies would be like to play in.

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