Thursday, 20 December 2012

merry decision making

some quickly it's christmas craft (it has come late this year) a mobile now hanging over the kitchen bench, we have potato stamped all our gift wrap and we have a tree basically nude for my sanity.

well things have been ticking along in the normal way life with small children seems to. 

the youngest pitter whom we call the cyclone of curious destruction (gives it away really) has been in fine form, expanding has climbing routine, helping himself to litres of milk (forcing a lock installation) and practicing his favoured methods of sister torture, the dreaded hair pull.

it has been draining, really draining, i feel like a have spent hours each day working through every kind of reprimand i am comfortable with, no results so far, enough said.

i did spend many a late night sewing (and putting on a couple of kilogrammes too) for our latest market which has triggered what will be a large change in my life.

i have decide not to keep up with in the person markets.  i have always really enjoyed every part of being out meeting people and selling for the day but the cost to our family life has just been to much to continue.

it is not the end just a redirection, i still want to sell online stocking can be on a schedule that suits my timetable.  and now i am feeling a certain freedom about being able to sew simply for pleasure. 

miss pitter starts pre kinder next year and needs a suitable wardrobe(yes, for the two and a half hours once a week)
i resolve (i know it is too early) to handmake all gifts in the following year
i can free some more time to take the fancy computer skills course i have been brewing on for the past 6 months
and i can spend some time rebuilding a relationship with my hubby (it dwindled in long hours of work and the bustle of running a home)

i will be back with more....

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