Wednesday, 16 January 2013

new for master pitter and momma

you may have seen that miss pitter gets the lions share of sewing goodlyness, but after sorting her heaving wardrobe as part of a mammoth (love that word and wish that woolly mammoths were not a thing of the past) tidy (tidy is a very polite term) i can no longer justify making her many more clothes for a year or two at least.


master pitter and momma get a turn.

i have bought my first 2 japanese pattern books (i know you have had them for years.)  and with my pocket money i was off to the fabric store to load up, yes more, but much more manly than usual

so there are plans afoot and after finishing off my last market commission it will be a go go.


  1. I love the dark blue woven looking print for Misters clothes and all those greys! Can't wait to see what you create. I have a muslin cut for Dress style E, should get onto sewing that :)

  2. yes so happy with the blue it is so soft and a snip of the sale table at spotty. hopefully you will see some pants in the next week or two.


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