Monday, 14 January 2013

miss pitters kit

linen,cotton and vintage doily with dot bias ties

the lovely cotton print on the back with a button tag label

so many times miss pitter stands beside me at the machine and asks if what i am making is for other boys and girls and so many times i say yes.

there is a little whimper, a dropped lip and then the light switch is flicked and she asked if she needs to try it.  ohh so helpful you may think but i pay in chocolate for this kind of help.

but all tolled i think she comes out trumps in the wardrobe department this is a selection of her summer kit.  i feel a little relived looking back on these and saying yes for you miss pitter.

fine wool apron with doily breast plate
little pitter leg cozies (or robot legs if you are 3 and cool)
recycled merino hat with fabric trim and button (when your 3 all you need is a warm head)
voile and white linen pop over with mustard bias from nonnas stash
the softest linen i have ever touched with doily front.  the back panel is from the same voile as the above top
and buttery soft drill with vintage lace pocket and knee details, once again thank nonna for the lovely extras


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    1. thank you we will fit your master for a hat when we catch up. i love making them


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