Sunday, 24 March 2013

a little easter on the way...

hopefully there will be two little girls with smiles when these eggs get 'cracked' open ................

i am rather partial to big brooches on little girls and these scrappy dappy rabbits (yes one is in its egg already) will be fun year round i think.  the eggs are simply cut from old packaging paper, then add a few stripes of washi and sew closed.  to make the stuffed egg in one go i stitched about 2/3 the way around the unfilled egg and then inserted the rabbit, ears folded and continued back to the start.  i also find when stitching paper it help to set your stitch length to 4/5 unless you want to make a rip-able perforation.

in other eastery news miss pitter had a rabbit bonnet made. i used the cozy winter hood pattern from oliver+s little things to sew. and like a slew of crafty others i drafted my own pattern to convert the ears from the original bear shape to floppy bunny ear.  you will find a picture of this cheeky rabbit over on my instagram feed (over in the side bar there....) in truth the bonnet has barely been off with the only exception being sleep time and for trying on by other want to be bunnies.

and there are a couple of bunnies, Bernice and Bertram we shall call them (the basil pattern from hop skip jump) well on there way to completion in time for egg delivery day. i'll pop pictures up when they can see, have articulated arms and lovely pink noses ready for sniffing.


  1. Thanks again, Adrienne, my girls really love them! I forgot to tell you at the market that they had gone to Bendigo for the weekend and insisted on taking their bunny pins with them : )

    1. oh how very nice, little girls are so fun to make for and it was nice to be able to send something off into the world to be loved.


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