Sunday, 24 March 2013

handprinting update.....

now everything is printed and posted and i managed to squeeze in something little into each parcel i can do another big reveal......yes i did reprint, late one evening and it was so much easier, mild temperatures made all the difference.  i managed sharper edges and smoother ink and will have to add a little more flexibility into printing next time around.

the grey/black/blues stayed as they were i loved them. i managed to mix a lovely teal and printed a small swatch onto grey cotton to send off to Leslie (seems only fair she should get a little extra for her organizational work, i am sure you agree!)

i also mastered my colour panels and decided to go with shades of greens as two of my swappers had yellow,green,blue as their colour preferences - try as i may i could not find a way to mix them to my pleasure....but here is what i ended up with.....

fingers crossed and maybe my legs too hoping everyone gets a little joy when their packages are opened. 


  1. They look very calm - nice combinations

    1. thanks so much, i definitely have to do more, i have none for my self!!!

  2. These are so gorgeous! I'm incredibly excited to be a recipient of your fabric in this swap :)


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