Sunday, 17 March 2013

a long hot wait...

we have had a long run of hot days and nights, the littles have not slept well, the bigs had not slept well. everything slowed right down. the essentials were done and not much else.

that being said my best friend and fellow swapper drove out for our printing date earlier in the week and we stopped and started our way through our printing, lunching and entertaining 3 littles all who wanted to 'stamp'.

my plans for lovely blogging photos of printing processes, our lovely quiche and salad lunch and the necessary cups of tea and louise slice all fell away as trial and error and a travelling timetable took precedence.  i took a moment of quiet yesterday while one pitter slept the other adventured and i battled to get out some coloured prints i was comfortable with (love will never happen for me if it is not grey). i may still take another spin on the stamps tomorrow if the opportunity presents itself.........colour is hard!!!

but that said this is what i will be popping in the post if that fails. after another press (ironing in 36 degree = not fun), trim and suitability lovely wrapping.  i hope everyone gets the piece they may have eyed up!

next time around i will definitely participate again but make the change to screen printing as i really did love the sharp edges from my paper stamping, which after lots of fussing i just could not achieve on the fabric.  i think possibly it was a mistake to pre-wash the fabric? 

i have a few plans for making this week, we will see how we i am printing again i can not like the last print, any takers?


  1. Good work at getting these done! I agree that the top two "work" better when viewed as a fat quarter but I think the other two would work very well in a pieced quilt.

  2. thanks claire i was hoping to do more tonight but the littles are still washing and singing, how do they get through the day????. i will definitely print some more monotones for myself, i think i need my own quilt.


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