Friday, 8 March 2013

time to retire...

it has happened, the last teatowel passed to be by my nanny has dried its last dish.  some rough calculating has it at least 10 years in service.

''a dandy dryer linen'' rest in peace, or maybe pieces, i can't bring myself to toss you in the bin, you will be folded and meet some new friend in a box waiting for a second go.

i only have a few other bit from my nanny and poppy left, treasured bits used every week bits

the 1/4 c flour scoop moved from her flour bin to mine, likewise with the shaker. the whisk i bought back for them from travels in sweden, they loved, i love it and my kids love it. the skewer was made by my poppy, there are only 4 left in the family, this is mine, its wonderful bend is actually fantastic for checking cakes.  the rolling pin it handles long dispensed with is fantastic for working inside tins, the wood is so smooth.  all kitchen type things

my nanny was famed for her virulent pink raspberry slice, her egg collection and for only ever have driven a hay truck never moving out of first gear.

she was one important lady in my life so i hope you all have a wonderful international womans day thinking of those who made a difference in your life.  

and remember never discount the power of a good slice it often starts a good chat .

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