Tuesday, 5 March 2013

fabric a go go ..

as i am already go on the hand printed fabric swap the second go is the umbrella prints trimming competition.
the trimmings competition started on the first of march and after mulling over my pack for a few months a little crisp breeze blew in the other day and suggested an idea to me.  now i do not think this little plan had a hope of winning big, but i do know if i can make it a reality there will be three possibly four snuggly pitters in this home.
there will be some creamy linen and %100 alpaca wool along with most of the trimmings pack.  the other two trimmings pieces will likely end up as a spiffing pin cushion.
and i can say i am more than i little tempted to get a second pack and see what pops into my head.
i will be making the most of the 31 of may deadline.  if you want to join in please do, you can find the details here.  you may note that voting is done via pinterest so do pop over and follow me here and the voting board here.

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