Wednesday, 6 March 2013

putting the tools down..

i have finished carving my stamps for the hand printed fabric swap.  now i am not as fond of my first (that roundy fellow in the bottom right of the picture) but as a set they make sense and i am itching to get some ink on them.  my lovely friend and i have a printing date next tuesday which will be fun especially considering it will involve the little people underfoot (fun = possibly disastrous.)

the fabric will be line drying today and i am hoping for a cool night to iron in the next few days

now i have used ezi carve blocks this time around although i was sorely temped by the japanese wood blocks,  next time i will make the change if i am planning to do larger stamps. i will be working with my coping saw and some ply i have stashed away to make three baking plates for the 3 feathers.

and you get to see this last photo as i took it on manual settings and am pretty impressed with myself.  i have a few carving tips to post but not today.

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