Saturday, 27 April 2013

warm and clothes week

with a few delays and absent days i have caught up on my commited hours to make a jacket each for master and miss pitter from more of those old woollen blankets.  after recently being inspired by the lovely Wendy from small forest shop i finally took the plunge into sewing with blankets i have had stockpiled for the past six months.

what can i say...i feared for my fingers almost every stitch and was ultimately surprised my efforts only resulted in one broken sewing machine needle and a few machine alarms.  the overlocker pulled through unscathed even when asked to do its thing with 4 layers of blanket sandwich!

this is one of the first things i have sewn for master pitter, which considering he recently turned 2 is probably lax of me but the new jacket has had to be photographed stains and all as he has been so proud and possessive since i told him it was was very good for my moral and likely to spurn more boy sewing!

this is a from a pattern i drafted a couple of years ago and have made in a bundle of different fabrics, i find the cropped sleeve and waist work well for offering some warmth or sun coverage during busy play.  my generosity with sizing means both jacket should see at least 3 years wear which is part of the reason i was so happy to finish miss pitters jacket with some of my late nans floral embellishments.

i was think this might be a good first pattern release for me...i will work away during the winter, let me know if your keen to whip one up yourself.

now i will have to ignore the new fabric on my table and go back to my list

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