Monday, 27 May 2013

trimming it

well all these little bits have come together for a car park/construction/street map inspired play mat.

n.b. always park your giraffe thoughtfully.  i really like the open ended play a simple mat like this provides, aside from the car/animal farm combination it has been a local map for outings and piled high with block for city building and pulled up over a chilly lap and investigated.  and so much nicer left laying out on the floor than some cartoony, busy riot of colour plastic shop bought thing (rant over)

this mat came together simply in a few hours and would be a great project for a beginner sewist or if you needed to whip up  a quick baby shower or first birthday gift.  in saying that it is the 3 year old miss pitter playing away in the photos (without the normal promoting and/or bribing required) she happily pottered away for over an hour. win/win.

i began with this lofty brush cotton drill (i think it would be equally pleasing on a piece of denim).  my piece is 28 inches by 25 inches and seems about prefect for play and folded for transporting.

after squaring up my trimming pieces i played with the layout taking photos with my camera phone so i could look over them and pick out a favourite.

i then pinned, trimmed and stitched, 

if you were a beginner or perfectionist you could fuse your materials in place

 stitch the cotton tape first then a zigzag around your trimmings fabrics.

then bind , i could not help myself mixing up the black binding with some royal blue and white. i had to have white, as my adult self had to provide clear points of entry onto the mat and there had to be two to minimise the chance of disputes.

(if anyone would like a more complete tutorial let me know in the comments and i'll get to it)

and in the end this is what is left on the table....i am very happy and the mat is an everyday play item already, chocolate stained and fought over.

well and truly trimmed i would say!

if you have got this far and would like to vote for your favourite trimmings project (wink, wink), the voting is conducted via pinterest follow this link to pin your favourite/s between the 1st and 5th of June.

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  1. What a great use of the trimmings - very useful! My fingers are crossed and my vote will be for you!


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