Sunday, 7 October 2012

inspiration from vacuming...

as the loose pompom, food tidbits and the dust bunnies were whisked out of my life for the day i came across this little loose pile of crochet cotton trimmings, they have been hiding for a week or two it would seem when i try to count back and figure when the hook was last in action.

i hesitated in my vigorous stroke and saved them from ruin.  my mind started to pop with ideas and with the clothing challenge commencing tomorrow i settled on there new life as a brooch pin.

i do like to finish out little outfits so here are a few simple and swift little brooch pins.

the first is from my vacuuming revelation

ready thready brooch

supply list

thread form the floor (what a place to start) or
embroidery thread in colours of your selection. 3 or 4inches long, you will use 2 or 3 strands of each
small section of old woolly jersey or in its place felt will work too
sewing thread in a coordinating colour (or not)
brooch pin

to start from your wool or felt cut two circles, mine measure between 3 and 2 1/2 inches diameter

next tease out your threads and roll and rub together until you get a collection that catches you eye and place this on one of your circles

take to the sewing machine and stitch two sets of parallel lines across your brooch face to secure your threads, i went with coordinating thread but did consider it would look striking with the contrast as well

place your two right side together and sew a 1/4 inch seem around the perimeter leaving a half inch opening to turn your work through, then go ahead and perform the turn

hand stitch your opening closed and if using wool or wool felt* for the brooch give it a good press with a hot steamy iron to help set the stitches and relax any stretch *blend or acrylic felt will not take kindly to this kind of treatment

attach your brooch pin and you are off

i think these would be sweet worn by young or old so maybe put them on your handmade present list, i am sure i will find a few happy recipients

click clock cherry brooch    so named for the lovely and loved sound of the cherries knocking together when worn

supply list

 2 red wooden beads, cherry coloured and about cherry sized no less
brown beading cord or leather (approximately 2mm thick, check your bead hole size)
green felt (2mm thick is preferable to give the leaves some rigidity)
co- ordinating thread (i choose a gutermann variegated in green)
bar brooch pin (mine a 1 1/4 inches with the swing closure as my littles are still very little and not to be trusted when the possibility of playing with something shape arises)

simply cut out your leaf shape on the fold, keeping a section 1/4inch wide and 1/4inch long in the center,  my leaves measure 2 1/4inches stem to tip and 1 1/4 inches across

if you choose to take to the machine and stitch a detail line around the perimeter of the leaf and up through the center line, trim up and set aside

thread both your 'cherries' on and tie your knot sufficient to keep them from slipping off.  truth be told if i had a glue gun i would use it here and shoot glue onto the knots and then pull the beads down

can you believe you are almost there, now simply tie your cherry stems around your leaf section, which should make the leaves pop up

attach your brooch pin aligning your stitches with the the stitching detail on your leaves which will both hide the stitches from most eyes and provide some pucker to your leaves

enjoy even when cherry are not in season

if you choose not to stop at one, really you will probably have to buy 10 or so beads, make them all up and enjoy them another way.....i am brimming with ideas but the light is fading and life calls will whip up some shots for you another day soon

back tomorrow with some kids clothing goodness and a few other trinkets.....

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