Monday, 8 October 2012

sew you should

so day one of the kcwc kicked off well here as the littles were all worn out from the daylight saving change we had here early sunday.  they are both completely out of the normal tag team routine and napped the same 3 hours today, lunches made, dinner underway, quick tidy and time to put my hours in early.

here is my start.....i love peasant tops, they are so good in so many ways. 

the pale blue cotton, think faded denim was an op shop find about 2 meters untouched for $2 and the neon yellow gingham (sounds foul but really did grow on me) was gifted by a lady who i came across at a local market who was de-stashing

i have a draw and two boxes full of bits and bobs to pull together for accessories and think the extra few minutes were well spent on the necklace

all items have been well received and this top has been called the kinder top,  my miss little names lots of her clothes my favourite name is 'the supermarket pants' a pair of pink and charcoal geometric print tights.  i wish i had special pants for the supermarket


  1. I love the colours you've used :)
    And the necklace! Lovely x

    1. ohh thank you, i am personally hoping the neon trend endures for a few more seasons.

  2. this is a cute take on the peasant top! ....adds to list.

  3. thanks , I find that too, you look in the pool, follow some blogs and before you know it you have more patterns and books on the christmas list.

    love your little purple peasant top too, i am in the land of doilys and have them overflowing off the shelf. they make a lovely addition to the bottom of bloomers and as pocket details too.


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