Tuesday, 8 January 2013

and so it begins again

so much fell by the wayside last year in the whirlwind that is master pitter.  I wish I had cared for my friends more and myself for that matter.  but no fear it is a new beginning, a wonderful thing.

my resolutions are a little softer than the get fit, loose 20 kg variety (although that would be nice), I plan to 

  • entertain once a month
  • move towards whole grains (but there will always be the occasional white scroll and dinner roll.)
  • increase our family fruit and vegetable intake 2 fold and reduce our (I should say my) sugar consumption 4 fold.
  • complete the computer courses i have been thinking on for half the year.
  • have a weekly date night (most likely a movie on the couch) each and every week with mr pitter (makes him sound more like mr darcy, I think I have just changed his name)
  • and to do 2 organised family activities each month.
  • and those old goodies
  • putting the washing away straight away (may I say this must excludes the 8 loads sitting wistful about the house now) and making the bed.
now 8 is not an amazing or meaningful number but that is what I have, more will surely come about.

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  1. Our little peg dolls (called Peggies by J) are getting played with often :) Good luck with the plan!


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